Photo by Allie Godfrey

Photo by Allie Godfrey


Yoga class/Private session policies

These are our guidelines for creating the most positive experience for yourself and others, and they will be honored in any yoga instruction by Amanda McGuire Rzicznek/Starfish Yoga Therapy LLC.

 Please consult your doctor before beginning a yoga practice.

For your own safety, please let your instructor know of any injuries or concerns you have before the start of class so they can suggest proper modifications. It is most important that you listen to your own body’s limitations. You are the only one responsible for your body.

Please turn off or silence your cell phone before class. If special circumstances arise, let your instructor know.

Please arrive 5-10 minutes before class so you have time to prepare and settle in. Doors will be locked 5 minutes after class begins and there will be no admittance beyond this time.

If you need to leave early from class, please let the instructor know in advance. You can leave all of the props where they are so you can exit the space quietly. Please do not leave during Savasana.

Please refrain from wearing any strong perfumes or colognes, or smoking before class. Others can be sensitive or allergic to these scents and it can become a distraction.

Students participating in one-to-one yoga have a clear intention for focused instruction, clearly communicate that intention, are willing to try and work to meet their set intentions, ask questions when necessary, remain focused on the practice for the duration of the session, and adhere to policies as stated in this document.

Yoga in a studio class environment is different than a one-to-one setting. Please limit your conversation and questions during class; be respectful of your peers’ quietude and study. Also, please be mindful of the teacher’s time before and after class.

We reserve the right to limit class participants and class size per class.

By choosing to participate in yoga, you are choosing to follow instruction. Participants are expected to follow instruction; participants are expected to modify when necessary; participants are expected to rest quietly when necessary. Distracting and/or disrespectful behaviors are not tolerated and will result in immediate dismissal.

By participating in yoga instruction or a movement based program with Amanda McGuire Rzicznek/Starfish Yoga Therapy LLC, students release Amanda McGuire Rzicznek/Starfish Yoga Therapy LLC and all personnel from any liability that may occur as a result of the program.

Yoga classes are a space safe for ALL genders, races, cultures, ethnicities, ages, abilities, and ANYONE. We honor the safety and wellbeing of our students and instructors. Bullying, threatening behaviors and verbal harassment will not be tolerated and will result in immediate dismissal. Students are encouraged to alert staff if you observe any violations of these guidelines. See, hear, or feel something, say something.

Zero Tolerance Policy: We reserve the right to immediately refuse service, or cancel service, to any person should Amanda McGuire Rzicznek, management of Starfish Yoga Therapy, LLC, or the venue determine that an individual’s actions, words, behaviors or other conduct cause another student, teacher, personnel, or other patron inconvenience, annoyance, alarm, or in any way violates the terms and conditions above, in the sole and absolute discretion of Amanda McGuire Rzicznek and/or management of Starfish Yoga Therapy, LLC. In the sole discretion of Amanda McGuire Rzicznek and/or management of Starfish Yoga Therapy, LLC, participants with a history and/or record of disruptive behavior—no matter where or when said behavior occurred—will be refused service and asked to leave immediately; failure to leave might result in a felony conviction. Amanda McGuire Rzicznek and/or management of Starfish Yoga Therapy, LLC have the right to carry out their work without fearing their safety or the safety of participants, teachers, and patrons.