A Love Letter to 2018

Dear 2018,

My love, I didn’t see you coming. And when we finally stood nose-to-nose, I forgot to exhale.

From marzipan pigs to that Summer day when the thunder ceased and we were the only ones at the pool, we had our lovely moments. Quiet moments like those at the end of a good book.

Together, we are keepers of the monarchs, growers of native plants, teachers and students of yoga, guardians from angels of discord, and seekers of peace.

But dear sweet angelface, I am ready to move on. I long for the present moment where you are part of the past’s knowledge that creates clarity for the future.

With a full heart and well-rested spirit, I say to you: Thank you.

Thank you for the courage to speak my truths, to align my words and actions, to lovingly release more of that does not nourish me and to welcome all that brings me closer to my best self and life mission.

Thank you for another year to experience change and be reminded that change is the only constant, and that it is my responsibility to be flexible, to adapt without blame and with grace.  May every year this lesson become my ritual, my first-chosen path.

Thank you for making space for my deepest shadows—my mistakes; my faults; my feelings of fear, doubt and shame; my hind-sights—so I could sit with them, observe them, know them, learn from them and honor them as part of my whole self and part of the whole of humanity. As yoga teacher Elena Brower says, if there is any fear, shame, doubt, I smile at them, embrace them, and let them go. During our challenges, thank you for returning me to the light that is everywhere, even in the darkest of places.

Thank you for showing me all the ways I am becoming stronger—in my voice, in my power, in my practice, in my life. Thank you for illuminating my courage, creativity, openness, humor, street smarts, book smarts, self worth, honesty, sobriety, kindness, gratitude, and love. Thank you giving me the opportunity to be vulnerable, to ask for help when I needed it, to choose my words more carefully, to listen more closely, to say no—and yes—with intention and compassion, and to be grateful for everyone who and all that brightens my life.

My love, my lovely 2018, I release you with the softest of exhales.

Thank u, next.