Yoga is a Safe Space

Lately I find myself in contemplation--a lot. I feel confused and frustrated every time I read a news feed. How can I stay informed while maintaining some shred of hope in humanity? Teaching--yoga, writing, literature--has been my solstice. Every time I step in a classroom or studio space, I feel gratitude for the reciprocal exchange of learning. In this exchange, I discover hope again and again. 

Now more than ever, we need to allow ourselves to find hope and light, even in the darkest of places. We need to be active participants on our mats and in our lives. Remember, yoga truly begins when we step off of our mats. What happens on the mat is only practice. And the practice builds our courage, strength, and compassion. 

Though it may be challenging, it is our responsibility as active participants to uphold expectations and values that align with our highest selves and most compassionate hearts. If ever you feel unsafe or witness someone else feeling unsafe because of the behavior of someone in a yoga class, a small business, a classroom, anywhere, I beg you to unlock the fear to find the strength you foster in your yoga practice and speak up.

We have a human right to live our lives in peace and safety. As an educator, it is my responsibility to maintain a safe space for learning. Please know that I will uphold the codes of conduct in class and expect each person in class to do the same. If you ever feel unsafe, please let me and the studio owners/administrators know immediately so we can restore peace. As obvious as this may seem, it's not obvious. I want to be very clear: bad behavior and mistreatment of others is not tolerated in my classes. Period. My classes are a place of lightness, hope, humor, and inquiry for self and public good. Please review my yoga class policies for more information.

I love you all dearly. I take our safety and happiness very seriously. I have your back. I am on your team. Onward we go with forgiving hearts, kind words, and steady courage.